Thursday, 30 May 2013

Hospital Allocation

Today we received our allocations to the hospital that we'll be learning at for the rest of our courses after this year. I wanted to be at a major metropolitan hospital but before even entering the course I didn't get that luxury. I was down to a choice between two hospitals, and I preferenced one over the other because I really only liked one of them, the other one seemed like a bit of a dump...anyway, so of course I've been allocated to the hospital that I didn't really want. Hooray, right? Ah, me. I just can't shake the idea that not being at a major hospital is going to affect my internship chances somehow, and by extension my ability to get into whatever training course I want later (I say that rather than 'my ability to get into neurosurgery', as a hat tip to the fact that I will probably change my mind in the future -- everyone does, multiple times). If I'm going back to Perth after my MD course then I guess it doesn't matter as much...but what if I don't go back to Perth? There's actually a lot of unknown in my future at the moment.

They only let you change clinical schools in very specific circumstances, and I don't meet any of those circumstances, but just in case I sent them an email tonight saying that if anyone happens to want to move out of the school that I wanted, and has to move to the one I'm to go to at the moment, then I really wouldn't mind being someone they think of to swap with that person. I guess that's the best I can do!

Having said all of this, I know that I am still going to get a good education. I'm still going to go to my hospital and get as involved as I can without annoying everyone. I guess I was just hoping to get involved in that 'big hospital' feel, with all the important consultants and surgeons (I'm thinking neurosurgeons of course) around. Not that they'd have any time for me, but still. Also, the facilities at the metro hospitals are a bit nicer.


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