Monday, 13 May 2013

GP Visit!

I've got my first ever visit to a GP tomorrow, and it's 1am and I should really get to sleep because it's at 9am tomorrow (today?). I'm super excited! A lot of my friends have already been on their GP visit and they report various amounts of involvement -- some have just been sat in the corner, but some have been able to even take blood! I hope my GP is really willing to let me get involved, because I will absolutely do anything he's comfortable with me doing. I'd be a bit stressed out about doing an interview, but like last time I'm sure that once I'm doing the interview I'd be ok. I mean I've practiced on people before, so it shouldn't be too bad to take that and do it with a real patient.

Next year I'm going to actually go to a GP every friday I think, which I wasn't so sure about initially but now that I think about it I think it's going to be really good. It will not only let me get integrated with a community, and see patients come back time and time again, but it'll give me really practical skills and great patient contact. In some way though...I have a small voice at the back of my head that's saying that I hope it doesn't convince me to be a GP. I will keep an open mind though, because if seeing a GP work really gets me excited, then why not be a GP.

Exciting times in my world! Wish me luck!


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