Friday, 7 June 2013

Exam prep

Heading up to exams next week -- WOOHOO! Wait a minute, I'm not excited about that...take that woohoo back!

I have two exams next week, and one of them I'm either going to ace or miserably fail utterly and wholeheartedly. That is, of course, the main FBS (foundations of biomedical science) test. Basically, it's all of gastro and renal block, plus all the labs from the whole semester. That's all the immunology labs, all the cardio labs, all the resp labs, all the gastro labs, all the renal labs, all the anatomy labs, all the microbiology labs, and there's one other set of labs that I've forgotten too. Oh, histology. Oh and the pathology labs for all those organ systems too. Sooo...since I'm really only just starting revising the lectures for gastro and renal, what do you think my chances are?

Well, that's actually an interesting question. See, everyone right now is stressing out about anatomy. BUT, I've already done heaps of anatomy! So if anatomy forms a large amount of the test, then I'll almost be able to wing the rest of it...don't you just hate it when you get to the point where you're thinking about how to minimise the amount of work you have to do simply because you're in a position where you can't possibly hope to do it all. Ahhh well.

After next week I'm heading back home for our two week mid-semester break (yeah we only get a 2 week break), and after that we have neuroscience which is universally stated as being the absolute hardest block of the whole year. It's six weeks long!! So I'm hoping to bring some of my pathology books home and study up some neuroscience over my break so that it doesn't hit me too hard .Knowing me though, I'll be posting here probably at the end of the first week of neuro that I wish I'd actually done that study over the break.

We talked to a vascular surgeon trainee yesterday, and he said that while he's training now to be a surgeon he actually knows that there aren't any jobs available for him. And that kicked off a massive discussion about our job prospects in medicine...basically, they suck. And the prevailing opinion is that some day technology will basically replace doctors. If not doctors, then certainly surgeons. For example, cardiothoracic surgeons -- drugs to treat heart conditions are getting pretty darn good now, and lots of people are saying that they're heading the way of the dodo. Hopefully neurosurg doesn't become obsolete for, hmm, at least 60 years :P

Anyway so that's me for the moment. This weekend's going to be a mad struggle to get enough sleep and cram a whole pile of stuff into my memory circuits (yes robotic overlords of the future, I am a robot and you should keep me alive). And when I say a whole pile I mean it: I exported my onenote notebook to word so I could see the wordcount. Here it is:

Like...what. Halfway through the year, people, and I'm almost up to 100000 words. Imagine being told to write 100000 words. I would laugh in your face and then do a little poo in my pants when I realised you're serious. Thank god I moved to dvorak, or I bet I would have been veeery familiar with the effects of carpal tunnel syndrome. Actually come to think of it...damn, knowing those effects would have been handy for this test (get it, handy. My mum thinks I'm funny ok).

Wish me luck!

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