Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Waiting Game

This may be All Hallow's Eve, but for me it's also the eve, perhaps, of finding out if I have been successful in gaining a place in an MD course. It was meant to be today, but the admissions people couldn't finalise the national student allocations in time. Thankfully they're getting up early tomorrow, so hopefully there will be some news to wake up to!

I'm not stressed. I'm not even particularly excited. I know that getting in will mean I've signed up for years of stress, and very little time for friends and relationships. It might mean leaving my family behind, as I move interstate. I am looking forwards to finding out though, but not in the fanatical way that other people are. It's important to not just want something because it's difficult to attain. There seems to be a philosophy in med applicants, that getting an offer means that you've 'won'. Better to always remember the real reasons why you're there, so that you can stay objective about whether it's for you or not.

In other news, we were given free pizza today in a unit, so life's pretty great! Aside from a splitting headache, and quickly worsening vision in my left eye, and all the assignments I still have to do (I really need to give my eye a rest, but there's no chance if that any time soon).

Wish me luck!


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