Monday, 8 October 2012

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*static* Come in, come in, this is *static* to Earth, paging... anyone *static*

This is the mandatory first post. Hello there! I'm a student in Australia, currently 20 years old. I've got a keen interest in medicine -- that's what my undergrad degree's been about, and I'll maybe be starting in an MD course next year. What makes this blog different to all the other medical school student blogs out there? Nuthin! I'l try to write about things that are interesting enough that you might stick around though! Since I have about 15 years of education to go before I'm fully qualified I anticipate being able to share a great many interesting things in the years to come. One little thing I hope about starting this blog is that it won't just be another of those blogs you see that fades into obscurity due to neglect by either the author or audience...

Since life continues outside of studies too (sometimes that's hard to imagine!) this blog will be a place where I write about other things too. It won't be a day to day this-is-what-I-ate-for-breakfast ordeal, but will feature some things (time permitting).

So, here's to the years to come! Sleepless nights and life changing moments, coming right up.


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