Thursday, 11 October 2012

Sad Days

Comets struck the earth at the slightest flick of his fingers, columns of lightning blasted even the great dragons of old from the sky. He had travelled to realms that the mortal dare not, and returned a hero in both lands. He owned property all across the realm, but his home in Whiterun set on end the hair of all who passed it -- it was said that many dark, dangerous and ancient artifacts were kept there, guarded by a warrior princess so awe inspiring that even the hero of this tale trusted her. His services were sought after by all for it was said that no task was too great, nor any risk too far for this God amongst peasants -- but woe forbid you slight him, for tales are told of great vengeances that have befallen such ignorant, hapless fools.

Unassailable, unstoppable, immortal, unbeatable in combat, wearing ancient and dangerous armour, commanding all the powers of nature, this hero was truly the greatest legend of our times. He was the Dovahkiin.

And thinking I was cleaning up how many saves I have, I just deleted all of the saves I have.

Dat feel... I'm rather pissed off.

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